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Do you have a hole in the drywall? You need DR Prop. It makes the repair easy. DR Prop holds the drywall patch in place, preventing the patch from sinking into the hole. Its patent pending design allows for easy attachment and depth adjustment. Once the patch is secure with DR Prop, the repair is a snap.
      DR  Prop

  • Lightweight 

  • Quickly adjustable

  • Secures patch for a
          flat,even result

  • Maintains strength and integrity of the wall

  • Patch will be flush   with wall, not depressed or raised

  • No saws, screws,   nails, glue or mess

  • Simple, easy, time   saver

  • Allows for that       clean professional  look

  • Kit contains every-  thing needed for   hole repair

drywall hole
drywall hole
drywall fix
drywall patch
Drywall hole
Rectangle drawn around border to serve as guide for razor cut
DR Prop inserted through hole, attached to back wall with adhesive disc and height adjusted by turning of the threads  
Cut drywall patch inserted and secured by DR Prop with adhesive   drywall tape placed
DR Prop is the ideal device for everyone from homeowner to contractor. It provides professional looking results and offers a drywall fix that even the novice can achieve. DR Prop guards against the patch from depressing into the wall space. It further prevents a raised patch appearance which occurs in some drywall repair products. Furthermore, by providing a stable support behind the patch, the finish work can be done quickly and easily. With DR Prop, you maintain the integrity, security and strength of the wall with a flat finish. DR Prop lowers the cost of the repair. It eliminates the need for saws, nails and glue. It is a time saver allowing for a flat, flush, beautiful finish. You can purchase DR Prop with a double sided adhesive disc alone or in a kit. The DR Prop kit includes a DR Prop with adhesive disc, approximately a six inch by eight inch piece of drywall, drywall compound, drywall tape and a three inch putty knife. The kit includes everything needed for professional results. A drywall hole that is less than twelve inches by twelve inches requires a single DR Prop. Larger holes may require more DR Props to provide for adequate support. 
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Drywall Hole perfectly with
4 DR Props